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Power Range: 100 - 600 kVA


The CSS Master by Riello UPS is designed in compliance with standard EN 50171 and is therefore the ideal solution for installation in buildings subject to fire safety regulations and in particular for the power supply of emergency lighting systems. This is not all however, according to local regulations the CSS Master by Riello UPS is also suitable for supplying power to other emergency systems such as automatic fire extinguishing systems, alarm systems and emergency detection systems, smoke extraction equipment and carbon monoxide detection devices as well as dedicated security systems in sensitive areas. The use of centralised supply systems (CSS) ensures a significant reduction in system set-up and maintenance costs as well as making periodical checks simpler and faster to perform.

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CSS Master Series


  • Zgodność ze standardem EN 50171

  • Podwójne wprowadzanie

  • Ochrona przed odwróceniem baterii 

  • Wysoki prąd ładowania 

  • Ciągłe przeciążenie 120%  

  • Obudowa zgodna z normą EN 60598-1 

  • Baterie o 10-letniej żywotności