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Zakres Mocy: 20 - 160 kVA
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The Sentryum Rack range was specially developed to ensure power continuity in all sectors deemed critical due to the specific environmental conditions or industrial processes requiring protection. It is a true ON LINE double-conversion UPS, available in a 20 kVA/kW standalone version and in modular versions from 20 to 160 kVA/kW. The Sentryum Rack is available in both single-phase and three-phase output configurations. It accepts both single-phase and three-phase inputs with no need for special setups or operator intervention. The voltage arrangement could change during operation without any reset or manual operation, therefore the UPS auto-detects the input voltage and behave accordingly.

Sentryum Rack Module
Sentryum Rack details


  • High adaptability to input voltage

  • Compatible with industrial environments

  • Modular Plug & Play solution

  • Suitable for stand alone and modular installations

  • Complete flexibility

  • Graphic touch screen display

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Sentryum Rack

20-160 kVA/kW

Specyfikacja techniczna

High efficiency, power availability, and reliability

This Series is derived from the Sentryum and essentially inherits its main technologies and peculiarities:

  • Full power rating available up to 40 °C (kVA=kW unity pf) and up to 96.3% VFI efficiency;
  • Zero impact source, thanks to a very low input THDi <3%, input pf 0.99, power walk-in function, power walk-in start delay function;
  • Up to 20 Amps battery recharging current and wide battery block range (the standard 20+20 battery blocks @ 12V with Neutral central point can be adjusted from 15+15 to 22+22);
  • Three-level IGBT inverter, extremely low output THDv;
  • Up to 270% inverter current for 200 msec. and 150% for 300 msec., which enables the system to deal with sudden peak loads (without static bypass intervention) and provide the short circuit current if required during operation on battery;
  • “Cold start” function for starting the UPS from the battery.

In addition, Sentryum Rack provides a filtering and power factor correction function within the power network upstream of the UPS, thus eliminating harmonic components and reactive power generated by the power utilities.

Compatible with industrial enviroments 

The basic building block is a 20 kVA/kW module. Its connection clamps are laid out so that the communication signal connections are segregated and separated from the power connections (2 inputs, output, battery), thus ensuring complete immunity from interference generated by the power supply grid, which is typically disturbed in industrial environments. The module has a front-to-back airflow, realized by a smart ventilation principle, which manages the fan speed and airflow in accordance with the room temperature and load level.

The Sentryum Rack cabinet is available in 2 versions, single-phase and three-phase output; it is designed to house up to 3 modules (60 kVA/kW) and up to 3 cabinets can be connected in parallel for a total of 8 modules and 160 kVA/kW of power. The Sentryum Rack cabinet has a distribution panel that contains all the devices to disconnect each module (3 input rectifier disconnectors, 3 input bypass disconnectors, 3 output disconnectors, 3 battery fuse holders), as well as maintenance manual bypass for completely isolating the 3 modules and guaranteeing power continuity to the load. Both modules and cabinets are provided with the bypass line separated from the rectifier line, by ensuring greater availability of the power supply to the UPS system and consequently extending this benefit to the load.

Flexibility: Stand alone and Rack Cabinet 

The Sentryum Rack module can be used as a standalone unit or in a parallel configuration; by simply adding the parallel kit for each module, the UPS system can grow as requirements demand (from 20 to 160 kVA/kW). Every module is completely independent with regards to the control and management of the operator interfaces; this facilitates all monitoring, control and fault-detection operations, ensuring increased reliability in that any malfunctions in parts or accessory will not propagate through the entire system. Sentryum Rack ensures vertical scalability that minimises the system footprint, the user can thus have power capabilities from 20 to 60 kVA/kW for a single Sentryum Rack cabinet without increasing the footprint.

​The 20 kVA/kW module in standalone version is provided with input/output plug-in harting power connectors (2 inputs, output, battery) with threes meter length loose electrical cable to arrange the cabling according with the installation enclosure. These cables are not provided when the module is ordered to be fitted inside the Sentryum Rack cabinet, because they are already installed inside it as standard, for the maximum expansion of the cabinet.